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Scientific Members of Staff’s Notes

The Scientific Secretary of Urbanization’s Notes

In the name of almighty God, the just.

Dear honorable professors, respected colleagues and valued students:

With the help and will power of the almighty God, we are honored and delighted to uphold the Third Annual International Congress on Contemporary Architecture and Urbanism in the middle east which will host a wide range of respectful university professors, influential theoreticians, managers and directors, scientific experts and eager university and college students involved with the field of urban sciences.

According to the valuable feedback and the results of the polls we have received from the main participants of the past two courses of this congress, and taking into account the hot topic of “comprehensive cities, communal development”, we have tried our utmost to focus our specialized panels and lectures, which will be delivered by top national and international university professors, and also the posters presented on the field of urban sciences, on defining and outlining a conceptual frame for even and fair distributions within an urban space and a righteous city structure. A thorough review and use of global theories and experiences will most definitely be one of the main goals of this congress. Highlighting, picking out and putting into use the main strength points of these global theories and approaches to just planning and urbanization will be of special attention by our congress’s secretariat.

In order to achieve this phenomenon, the scientific committee of the congress has picked the congress topics with particular care and the expert lecturers will be chosen with particular care.

Another highlight of this year’s congress will be a competition to pick out the best sentence that describes a fair city. The sentences will start thus: “A fair and just city is a city that ….” All eager participants can send in their viewpoints in the form of a short video clip to the “scientific student’s competition” office. This competition will create the fair opportunity and chance for university and college students throughout the country to have a chance of making their views and thoughts heard.

There is no doubt that your valuable views and innovative ideas and the precious results of your researches and studies on the topics of urbanism and architecture will help us further in carrying out this course of the congress in the best desired manner.

Your valued presence and participation in the congress is what has encouraged us most to uphold the third course of the Annual International Congress on Architecture and Urbanization. We hope to be able to host our dear guests in the most desirable form possible.

As with the past courses of the congress, we hope to shorten the gap between the instructors and the learners in the process of presenting scientific affairs. By conveying new concepts within the field of urban studies, we hope to provide our eager participants with the chance to merge these new and innovative concepts with the already existing national and international concepts of contemporary architecture and urbanism.

The scientific board of the congress is hoping to be able to derive the results of this congress in the form of a practical statement and a scientific document or bill so we welcome any ideas, comments and viewpoints by our respectful colleagues on how we can possibly improve the quality and manner of the Third International Congress and we will, of course, try our best to take these comments into effect.


Elham Amini

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