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The Third International Congress on Contemporary Middle-Eastern Architecture and Urbanism is being upheld with the aim of strengthening and raising the awareness and knowledge of the engineering society of the International Congress on Architecture and Urbanism. We are happy to host such known and influential scientific personnel such as Dr. Iraj E’tesam (the congress secretary), Dr. Vahid Ghobadiyan (the scientific secretary of architecture) and Dr. Elham Amini (the scientific secretary of urbanism). The main topics of discussion within the congress will be “Urban Engineering” and “Architectural Engineering”. The congress will be hosted by the grand city of Tehran.

Therefore, we would like to invite all specialists, experts, scientists, researchers, university and college students and scientific and research-based organizations to participate in the numerous events of the congress and to present the scientific society with the valuable results of their works and researches. This will ultimately lead to a more developed basis on which other researchers may work on and carry out any further and more innovative plans and actions in the future.

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