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Congress Topics

Architectural Engineering


Architecture, climate change and energy usage

The concepts of contemporary architecture and urbanism

Sustainable architecture and intelligent buildings

The impact of technological developments in architecture

New methods and technologies in architecture

Innovative technologies in architecture

Patterns of sustainable construction

Renewable energy sources in architecture

Aesthetics in architecture

Culture and art in architecture

Chromatics in architecture

Architecture and urban identity

Psychology in architecture

Vernacular architecture patterns

Style of architecture

Interior and façade in architecture

Restoration of architectural dwellings

Sustainable architecture

local architecture

Landscape architecture


And all issues related to the field of architectural engineering.


Urban Engineering


Cultural and social attitudes in the Islamic - Iranian city

Identify obstacles and constraints and urban development indicators

Physical and non - physical patterns and the development of Iranian – Islamic city

The management and development of urban transport in cities

Environment and sustainable developments in the Islamic - Iranian city

Crisis management and urban development in cities

The use of new technologies in the development of sustainable cities

The concepts and principles of sustainable development in the Islamic - Iranian city

National and regional policies and sustainable urban development

The Islamic identity and its role in sustainable urban development

Tourism and sustainable development in the Islamic - Iranian city

The environmental management and sustainable development of cities

The application of advanced technologies in urban development

Distressed areas and informal settlements

Modern urbanism and sustainable development

City instability and risk factors

Citizen and citizenship rights

Urban physical planning

Urban project management

Urban development plans

Upgrading urban areas and urban renovations

The design of urban spaces

Participation in municipal affairs

Interactions in urban spaces

Patterns of urban developments

Environmental psychology

Urban culture

Urban infrastructure

Urban tourism

Urban management

Crisis management

City views

And all issues related to the field of civil engineering.

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