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Receiving a Temporary Attendance Certificate

In order to receive a temporary certificate of attendance, you will first need to submit your article(s) and then wait for the results of your article(s) acceptance or rejection. If your article gets accepted to be presented in the conference you will then need to complete the registration process which involves paying any required payments or fees. Then you will need to send us an email at the congress secretariat office issuing your need for an early temporary attendance certificate. The secretariat email address is:

The article title, names of authors and the type of acceptance will also be mentioned in the temporary attendance certificate. You will also be presented with the original certificate of attendance once the conference is over. This certificate will be sent to you.

If you have any further questions or need any more information please feel free to address us with your questions through the email address or to contact us by telephone. The congress secretariat office’s landline is: 02128426530.

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