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Important announcement

Given the past experiences of the secretariat of the International Congress on Sustainability in Architecture and Urbanization in congress holding periods, these important points are mentioned in order to inform researchers. The points include instructions on how to register your membership with the website, information on how to compile, edit and send articles, the conditions of issuing congress certificates and frequently asked questions, information on the costs of the congress, etc. The secretariat of the congress advises researchers to read these points carefully and take them into account prior to participating in the congress and especially prior to sending in their articles. These points are:

Registration can be done both in person or online (or over the phone)


A guide to improving articles: As the judgement process is not revocable, please send in your article only after all final editing and revisions are completed. In other words, your article cannot be edited after you have sent it. If your article needs any editing or improvements based on the verdict and opinion of the congress judges, you must first carry out the mentioned improvements by the committee on your article and then enter your user account page and replace the existing file with your final edited file.

If you need to edit your article after the final confirmation by the congress judges, you must sent your correction notes via email to the congress secretariat so further measures can be taken by the secretariat.

Point 1: Dear researcher, based on the frequent calls and questions about the language of the written articles, we’d like to inform you that both Farsi (Persian) and English articles are accepted.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs):

Question: Regarding the fact that the congress is an international one, must all articles be written in English?

Secretariat’s answer: No. Articles written in Farsi (Persian) are also acceptable.

Point 2: Please save your article in the Microsoft Office Word 2003-2007 file format and then upload it to the congress website.

Point 3: Please fill in the registration form very accurately during the course of your registration.

Point 4: The congress package and the presence certificate will be sent to the specified address filled out by our researchers on their registration form after the congress is over and only if the article has been confirmed and the registration process has been completed. Therefore, the validity of the address and the accuracy of the information on the registration form is of the participant’s responsibility.

Point 5: Please do not register or fill in the registration form twice. If you have not received the verification email please contact the secretariat office. We will then activate your user panel and you will hence be able to access your account with your username (email address) and password.

Point 6: When preparing your article for submit on the website, please take particular care with the correct and accurate format of your article. Please copy your article part by part and then paste it onto the example template format file which is to be found on the congress website. (The final file should be the same example template format file on which you have pasted your article.)

Point 7: On the abstract page of your article which you have sent for submit, please include the author’s name and affiliation to the university or organization as a footnote beneath the title of the article. Students must take particular care with this note because if there are any mistakes on the student’s part about the correct scientific address as the footnote, they will not receive any points or academic awards for their article from their university. Pease take note of the correct order of the authors names and the scientific address because universities and scientific centers are particularly sensitive about this issue and no academic marks will be awarded to students if there are mistakes.

Point 8: Researchers can send articles both in the Farsi (Persian) or the English language. All files should be prepared using the Microsoft Office Word software with the file type of “.doc”.

Point 9: When submitting the article on the congress website, please accurately mention the full article name (title) and the authors’ first and last names. The participation certificates will be issued based on the information which you have entered in the user panel (not the information mentioned in the article itself.) We strongly advise that the order of the authors’ names be reviewed and confirmed by all the authors before you upload your file. The order of the authors’ names in the article must match the order of the authors’ names in the registration form. You will not be able to reorder these names once you have uploaded the file.

Point 10: Please take note that the participation certificates for international congresses are issued in English. Therefore, it will be impossible to edit or reissue them. It is therefore advisable that you complete all fields of the registration form including the English translation of the title of your article and English written forms of all names with particular care.

Point 11: You can pay for the authors’ registration, presence and article submittal both online and via a bank payment receipt.

Point 12: The authors who have already sent their article(s) to the conference and are interested in submitting any new articles must postpone their payment until all articles have been judged and verified. In other words, if any of your sent articles have been confirmed but you still have any articles waiting to be judged and confirmed, please postpone your payment until all articles have been clarified. All payments should be done in one single phase not several.

Point 13: Payments do not need to be confirmed by the system manager and authors can pay for the total of their requested services without the confirmation of the system manager accordingly.

Point 14: A list of the authors whose articles have been accepted will be announced to the team in charge of issuing the conference certificates only after all fees have been paid. Thus, it is necessary for participants to immediately engage in the payment process once they are informed of their article’s acceptance.

Point 15: To receive a temporary and early proof of participation in the conference you may submit your request via email to the secretariat. All payments must occur prior to this request.

If you need any further help and assistance, our colleagues at the secretariat of the congress will be happy to guide and answer any questions you might have.

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